Complish helps teams build transparency, accountability and focus via simply daily check-ins and lightweight OKR’s.

What is Complish?

Recent events have opened up completely new ways of working. Remote work is showing an upward trend. 📈

We at Complish believe that check-ins are a great way to prioritise your work for the day and stay in touch with your team - no matter where you are working from.

Daily check-ins will help you:

  • Stay organised - plan your day ahead by knowing what is up for the day 😎

  • Focus on the work that's most important 👍

  • Stay in sync with your teammates by sharing your check-ins 👋

  • Build a strong team culture by celebrating accomplishments 🎉 & sharing your mood 🙃

Complish will send you a notification every morning so writing a check-in becomes part of your daily routine.