What is Complish?

Complish is a tool for teams to be more aligned, connected and focused without having status update meetings. 

Complish helps you:

  • Plan your day and hold yourself accountable to get more done. 
  • Connect daily work to goals by creating and assigning goals and associating them with daily tasks.
  • See what's going on in your team or other teams by making visible the daily plans and goals of everyone in your organization.

Planning your day

Complish reminds you each morning to plan your day, Add items you plan on working on, let your team know how you're feeling and keep them updated with your progress. By taking a few minutes to plan what hope to get done, with the context of your goals alongside, Complish helps to ensure you're not wasting time on emails and messages and instead focusing on your most impactful work. 

Complish also follows up on these items in your next check-in to hold you accountable and let your teammates know how you progressed with your work.

Create goals and connect to daily work

Complish makes it easy to define goals, objectives, OKR's or any kind of project. Create subgoals to link smaller projects to larger objectives, add metrics and associate goals with your daily work by simply tagging them in your check-in. Complish makes it easy to get your company/team objectives out of a spreadsheet and into the tool they use to plan their day - putting objectives front and center each and every day.

See what's going on

With the rise of remote and distributed work, it is much more difficult to know what your teammates are doing. Teams often run daily Zoom calls just to keep everyone in the loop. When it comes to understanding what other teams are working on, there is a definitely lack of visibility without overloading everyone with status update meetings. 

Complish makes everyone's work visible inside the Complish app, or if you connect Slack or MS Teams, Complish pushes everyone's updates into the chat tool your company already uses. 

Now, to get started:

  1. Publish your first check-in
  2. Invite your teammates
  3. Create Goals for you or your team
  4. Connect Slack or MS Teams
  5. Spend less time in status update meetings 🙂!