Using Complish with your team

Teams are groups of people in your organization who work closely together and want to keep each updated with their progress. A Team is automatically created when the first user joins Complish.

One team works well for groups of up to 10 people, but for larger organizations, typically you'll want to create multiple teams so that certain people can work together more closely. You can group people together in functional teams (eg. Marketing, Sales) or people who are working together on a project. Or both!

💡Tip: Any Complish member can belong to more than one team.

Often people work across multiple teams or manage multiple teams, so Complish allows anyone to belong to as many teams as they like - but it's not necessary to be a member of the team to see what's going on.

How to invite your team

To invite your team to Complish, simply click on the "+ Invite" button in the side-menu. From here you can either add team members by directly sending them an email or sharing your Complish workspace invitation link. At the moment all users will have equal permissions, aside from workspace admins (Admins can remove users from the workspace). 

When to use multiple teams

Using Teams in Complish gives you a view from the top of what's going on in each team - updated daily. You can see what goals(objectives or projects) they are working on, see everyone's latest work and see how everyone is feeling. A team is typically a group of 3-10 individuals, past this number we recommend grouping people into sub-areas or project teams. 

For any team you're a member of, you'll find an icon for that team in the sidebar. Clicking the icon will take you to the team home screen to see what's going on in that team. You can also click on the Teams button to view all teams in the workspace:

Creating a team

Create a new team to begin sharing your work with your teammates. You can create a new team from the Teams screen. After creating a team you'll need to invite some team members. You can do this from the Teams screen or each team home screen. Inviting someone will invite them to your workspace, and during signup they'll be able to select which team they would like to join.

Join a Team

To join a team, click the Teams menu in the sidebar to bring up the list of teams. Just click join beside the team(s) you'd like to join. You can see what's going on without joining a team - just click the team to view their home screen.

Joining a team means that your daily check-ins will be shared with that team and you'll also get updated on their progress.