Writing your first Check-in

What’s a Check-In?

A Complish check-in services 2 purposes. Firstly, it's a forcing function to ensure you give thought to how you will spend your time today. Secondly, it serves as a useful status update for your team. 

A check-in consists of a list of tasks you plan on working on today, a progress update from the previous day and space to share your mood and any other thought, feeling or context to help your team understand how you're doing today. Typically people complete their check-in in the morning to plan their day and communicate progress from the previous day. 

The benefit of "checking-in"

For each individual, the process of planning their day and removing all of the noise from other tasks, helps them focus only on the things they aim to work on today. Knowing that Complish will ask tomorrow about progress from the previous day also drives everyone to complete what they set out to. Each individual defines their plan, so Complish helps remove micro-management, and instead promotes individual self-accountability. 

Additionally, Complish helps you make more of your work visible. Often work takes many forms, and it serves as a useful tool to communicate all the different types of work that form your working day. 

For teams, the daily check-in keeps everyone on the same page and in sync. Teams see each others' moods, progress and what everyone is working on, removing the need for the daily status call. 

What to write for your first check-in

They key to a good check-in, is ensuring that your teammates understand what you're working on and where you are in that process. For the first check-in try adding 3-6 items, making sure that you think about the audience who will read it and use simple, descriptive language to describe what you're working on. 

For large tasks, you can either consider creating a Goal (typically if it's something that may take you a week or more) or specify at which state of the task you're at (eg. Research, Draft, Editing etc..)

Communicating your progress

The day after your first check-in, Complish will send you a notification to complete your second check-in. The first screen will show you the tasks you aimed to work on yesterday. On each task, simply click ✅ Complete, ✍️ Made progress, or ⌛️ Didn't start to quickly tell your team where you got to on that task. For tasks that you did not complete, you can click to add it to your task list for today, or save it for later.