Daily Check-ins

Daily check-ins include answering 3 simple questions: "What do you plan on working on today?", "How did you go with what you planned yesterday?", and "How are you feeling?".

Check-ins are a great way to plan your day, and focus on what is important. At the same time, your daily check-ins will help your team understand what you are working on. This way, the whole team stays in sync, no matter where or when they are working.

When to check-in Complish is a great tool for remote friendly teams, ideal for teams that work in different time zones. You will receive a reminder to check in at 9:00 AM in your current time zone. Technically, you can check-in any time during the day.

We recommend checking in around this time, to make it a habit. It really only takes a few minutes. This way you can plan ahead and know where your focus will be on. Your daily check-ins can also be used as a personal checklist.

Publishing & editing your daily check-in Your check-in will be updated automatically. You can edit them anytime during the day. It can happen that you will work on additional tasks that you hadn't anticipated working on when you did your check-in in the mornings.

Updating your progress the next day The following day, when you check-in, you will see all items of your check-in from the day before. Complish helps you and your team understand your daily progress of your tasks. The progress can be the following:

✅ - Great! You were able to complete this task 🎉 ✍️ - Work in progress, you haven't finished quite yet, but you have made some progress ⏳- You weren't able to start yet. No worries! I am sure you'll get to it!