Moods 🙃

Share your emotions with your team & stay connected.

What? To provide a better picture of how you are feeling today and add some personality to your check-ins you can let your team mates know how you are feeling today.

How? When you do your daily check-ins a section titled "How are you feeling?" is at the bottom of the page (just before the publish button). A couple of emoticons are suggested for you. Simply share with your team if your are relaxed, tired, stressed, focused, confused, ... .

Why? Remote work cuts off direct face to face interactions, it can be difficult to understand how your employees or team mates are feeling. The mood section is meant to help create a better understanding of why a person may not be available today.

It is also important to understand when your employees or colleague is experiencing negative emotions 😔😢😠. Maybe it's time to give them a quick call and try to help lift the mood. 🔝