Complish is a tool that helps organisations build the habits of high-performing remote and distributed teams, all through improving asynchronous communication, by encouraging daily check-ins, and asynchronous collaborative discussions.

Teamwork takes place in many tools, so, rather than trying to replace yet another one, Complish brings them all together, providing a central place to see what everyone is working on.

Now, maybe you're thinking, "tools are great, but do we really need another one?". If you're wondering whether Complish is right for you, take a look further👇

Is Complish right for me or my team?

If you're in a team that has their tasks spread across various tools, your goals and objectives sitting in spreadsheets and docs, and have found yourself in one too many Zoom meetings or endless Slack discussions that seem to lead nowhere, some asynchronous communication could serve you well.

This is where Complish excels best. Rather than being a tool to manage yet another aspect of remote work, Complish brings the tools you're already using together, thanks to simple integrations, which allow you to share progress on what you're working on and keep your team in sync, without unnecessary interruptions.

Best of all, with Complish discussions, you can have fewer, better meetings! We all know the working world could use more of those 🙏

What does Complish offer?

Running a successful remote team doesn't have to be complicated, and neither do the tools you use to assist you in reaching your objectives.

Complish aims to help keep your team more aligned, connected, and focused without the need for unnecessary status update meetings, that drain your time and energy.

The way we help you in accomplishing all this is by offering a space where teams can easily align themselves, and improve visibility and transparency within the team.

The core features that help you do this are:

  • Daily check-ins

  • Goals tracking

  • Discussions

+ Integrations with Slack, Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, ASANA, Trello, and Microsoft Teams.

Planning your day with Complish

Complish sends you a friendly nudge every day as a reminder to provide a status update to your team, letting them know the tasks you're working on. With daily check-ins, your team can easily see how you're feeling while giving everyone an overview of what's next on your list to accomplish.

Planning your day takes only 5 min and will set you up for success throughout the day! Identifying your daily tasks and associating them to a higher goal, not only keeps you focused on the big picture, but adds meaning and purpose to what you're working on.

When a new day rolls around, Complish holds you accountable to the tasks you've set, by asking you for an update, so you and your teammates can follow the progress of tasks set.

Complish helps to ensure you're not wasting excess time on emails or going back and forth on messages; and rather, allows you to focus more on strategy and tasks that drive your business forward. And, when it comes to those 'meetings' you use to dread, with Complish, you'll actually start to enjoy them.

Start having fewer better meetings

Whether your team is remote, distributed, or hybrid, endless meetings can be taxing. There are times when meetings need to happen, and when they do, Complish helps you make them better, all while improving visibility and transparency. Whether you're holding a 1-1, team brainstorming session, or kicking off a new project, with Complish discussions, you can take meeting minutes or, run your meeting 100% async.

You can even assign tasks from within a discussion (aka - your async meeting doc) which you can later pull into your daily check-in, thus holding you accountable to actually get done what's 'discussed' and assigned in a meeting.

Create goals & give meaning to your daily work

Complish makes it easy to define goals, objectives, and set OKR's for any kind of project. Create subgoals to link smaller projects to larger objectives, add metrics and associate goals with your daily work by simply tagging them in your check-in.

Spreadsheets are great, but when using them to track your team objectives, it's not easy to see the actions associated with each goal or objective, as most of the time, these are housed in another tool.

With Complish, bring everything together, allowing you to more effectively plan your day. Putting your objectives front and centre each and every day is what will not only keep you motivated, but keep your team on track to achieving them!


Improve visibility

With the shift towards remote and distributed work, most teams have continued to function as if they were in the same room by simply adapting a few of their processes to 'fit' the new way of working. To maintain visibility, many teams run daily Zoom calls to keep everyone in the loop. These daily, and often lengthy calls, tend to turn into a recap of the tasks everyone is working on. Rather than providing more visibility, these status update meetings end up overloading the team.

There's a more efficient way to maintain visibility

Remote and distributed teams communicate differently, which means that your team needs an entirely new set of practices and habits to maintain visibility. What worked in the office, won't function the same in the virtual space. For anyone who is new to remote working, the thought of only a short call every few days and a daily written check-in may make you feel out in the dark when it comes to keeping up to date with what other members of your team are working on. Rest assured though, building the habit of a daily check-in, and associating your daily tasks to goals and objectives, will ultimately offer a more efficient solution to the long status update meeting you dread every day.

With Complish, everyone's daily check-in is visible inside the Complish app, so you can pop in whenever you want to see what everyone is working on. And, if you need more context for what's going on, head over to discussions and jump into the async conversation. Daily check-ins let you see what's in progress, whether anyone has any blockers, and more! If you have Slack or MS Teams, you can easily connect Complish so your daily check-in notifications are pushed to these tools, making it easy for everyone to view status updates in the chat tool your company already uses.

Now, to get started:

  1. Invite your teammates

  2. Create Goals for you or your team

  3. Connect Slack, MS Teams, or one of our other integrations

  4. Publish your first check-in

  5. Spend your time having fewer, better meetings!

With all the time you'll save, what do you plan to do?

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