We all want to feel accomplished, both in the tasks we set out to complete, the actual state of being accomplished in our day-to-day, and within our role. Sometimes all we need is that little nudge to keep us on track, and, although it's not always easy accomplishing the goals and objectives we set, with Complish, it's made simple.

Here's how you can use Complish to help your team feel more accomplished while at the same time, accomplishing the tasks that contribute to you hitting your objectives!

Improve visibility & add accountability with Check-ins

When your team's tasks are spread across various tools, it's difficult to see what everyone is working on, without falling into the trap of micromanagement and constant unnecessary zoom status update meetings. Complish integrates with a number of task management tools and brings all your activities together in one place so that you can catch a glimpse into what your team is working on, without watching over them.

Plus, rather than those long boring, and drawn-out status update meetings, your team can complete a simple daily check-in asynchronously (in their own time), and attach them to #goals and #objectives.

Align your team to company objectives with Goals

You likely have either massive spreadsheets, software, or both, that track your in-depth objectives and goals, but, you likely don't always want to wade through and analyze all the data every time you want a quick update on progress. With Complish, teams can set goals and objectives and associated tasks to them. Lightweight goals tracking, allows you to easily create a goal, and attach subgoals to it, offering a glimpse into what is currently being worked towards.

Have fewer, better meetings with Discussions

As much as many people cringe about having meetings, there are times when they are necessary to have. Why do so many people dislike meetings so much? They're used to having horrible meetings. With Complish, start to have 'fewer, better meetings' that you'll actually enjoy. You can run your meetings synchronously, using Complish's discussion feature to prepare before the meeting or record your meeting minutes. Additionally, you can run asynchronous meetings in your own time, by creating a new discussion or using one of the pre-determined templates.

Get started 😃 Create your first async meeting discussion!

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