What is a check-in?

A Complish check-in is essentially like a status or progress update.

I know what you're probably thinking... Do I really need to do another check-in when I already have countless meetings a week? Here's where things get fun with Complish 😎

A simple daily check-in serves 2 purposes. The primary function of a check-in is to encourage you to give thought to how you will spend your day. We can all agree that sometimes, the tendency on a busy day is to throw ourselves into the deep end of work, without planning. This is neither efficient nor results in a highly productive outcome. Plain and simple, a 5 min check-in can do wonders for improving our focus and boosting productivity in our day.

....Secondly, it serves as a useful status update for your team.

A check-in consists of a list of tasks you plan to work on today, a progress update from the previous day and a space to share your mood and any other thought, feeling or context to help your team understand how you're doing today. Typically, the best time to do your check-in is right when you start work. That way, you can refresh yourself on what you worked on yesterday, and set your plan for the day ahead.

Benefits of a Check-In:

  1. Keeping your team aligned to a common goal

  2. Improves focus, resulting in higher productivity

  3. Reduces unnecessary meetings and discussions

  4. Provides visibility and progress on tasks and goals, allowing your team to highlight their effects and work.

Now that you see the benefit, It's time to write your first Check-in.👇

How to write a check-in

Writing a check is so simple, it'll likely take you no more than a few minutes, and considering that a daily check-in can often eliminate the need for a status meeting, for only a couple minutes of work, you can save yourself loads of time. So, while other teams may be reporting their daily tasks in a meeting, your team has time to grab a coffee, do their check-in, and start working on the tasks ahead.

Completing your daily check-in involves updating the status of yesterday's tasks, listing out the main tasks you're working on throughout the current day, and letting your team know how your feeling with a daily emoji and phrase.

Of course, if you want to share more detailed information with your team when you do your check-in, you can!

  • Tag a goal on a task so everyone can see what you're working towards

  • Add a comment to provide more context

  • Set a due date

  • Flag as blocked to alter the team of any roadblocks

  • Mark as private so you can only see

  • Check off once completed

Once you've filled in your check-in, you can publish it for your team to see. If you have enabled the Slack or Microsoft Teams integration, your check-in will be automatically published in the channel you've selected.

Adding private tasks to your check-in

To add a private tasks, all you need to do is click on the task and select the '🔒' symbol.

If you want to change it to public for any reason, remove the lock and that's it 🙂 Your team will now be able to see this item in your check-in.

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