Complish makes it simple for every member of your team to easily see the main tasks everyone is working on, including the goals and objectives attached to them. Teams are groups of people who work together closely either on an ongoing basis or working together on a project.

You can join any team that you'd like to keep updated on your progress or when you'd like to be notified of the progress of others.

Creating a team

Creating a team and inviting fellow colleagues to it, is a way to improve visibility and transparency within your organisation by allowing others to see what you're working on throughout the day.

Here's the steps you'll need to follow to connect your team.

1) Login to your Complish account.

2) Select the option 'Teams', from the menu, and once inside, create your 'New Team'

3) Now it's time to name your team. You can have some fun here and give your team a groovy name to add character or simply title the team by function or department, ie. Marketing, Sales, Customer Service.

4) Once you're happy with a name, you can confirm the creation of your team.

6) Next, configure your settings.

Once your team is created you can customise your settings ⚙️ .

From the 'Settings' option, within your specific team, you'll be able to:

  • Rename your team

  • Set the time zone

  • Adjust the check-in reminder time

  • Determine the time you'd like the check-in summary sent

7) Ready to set up your integrations?

  • Easily add integrations directly from the settings. Simply click to connect and follow the steps to set up each integration.

Adding your teammates

Once you've created the space for your team, you can begin adding the members of your dream team. Inside your team dashboard you'll be able to see your team's daily check-ins, along with a list of any goals set.


Inviting your team members is as simple as selecting the button 'Invite' and entering the emails of the individuals you'd like to add.

* You can either invite members by email, or share an invitation link with them. Each individual will need to be added one by one. When you've typed in the first email, press enter to add another member, or, click no the '+'.

Once all team members have been included, a quick click of a button with automatically send out their Complish email invitation, welcoming them to the party.

Now it's time to get ready and see the check-ins roll in as your team grows.

Removing team members

As teams are public, members can leave and rejoin if/when they want. To remove yourself from a team, all you need to do is select the team you'd like to leave. Then, once inside the team dashboard, you'll see an option to 'Leave'. It's as simple as that, but don't worry, in case you decide you're missing the group, you can jump right back into the team, at anytime.

💡 Note: The admin of a workspace can remove any member from the workspace itself, although at present, team members can only remove themselves from the team.

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