What are Goals?

Any kind of objective, OKR, or project can be tracked with Goals.

Setting Goals in Complish is useful as it makes it easier for teams to define objectives, ensure everyone in the team was aware of them, and allow teams to connect daily tasks to larger objectives to key the team's eye on the bigger picture of what they are working towards.

You can use Goals to track OKR's (Objectives & Key results), but it is not necessary to have them tied to any particular goal framework.

Each check-in task can be associated to a goal simply by including the goal tag, and anyone who works on a task tagged with a goal, will be added as a contributor.

Adding Goals

New goals can be created by clicking on 'Goals' on the left hand side menu. From here, simply select the '+' to add a new goal.

A pop up will prompt you to fill in the 'Tag' and 'Title' of your goal. Complete both fields before clicking save.

  1. Goal tag - allows you to associate tasks to your goal.

  2. Goal title - a descriptive title for your goal.

💡 TIP: To associate your check-in with a greater goal, type '#' and select the goal you'd like to associate


Complish also allows you to create a goal hierarchy, so that you can create all of the subgoals that are required to achieve a larger objective. To create a subgoal, all you need to do is click on the '+' on the left side of the goal.

Enter the details of the subgoal in the same way you did with the main goal; remembering to tag an owner, set a target date, and select the status.

Goal owners, Teams and Metrics

Once a goal is created, you can include more context by adding an owner, associating the goal to a team, setting a target date, and updating the status.

In case you need to change the title or tag of a goal, there's two ways you can edit it from the goals dashboard.

  1. Click on the 3 dots on the far right side of a goal, then select edit.

  2. Select the goal to open up a full page view and to see all the details associated with the goal. From here, you can add even more context to a goal and include additional tracking information such as:

    • Contributors (anyone who has tagged this goal in their check-in)

    • Metrics

    • Subtasks

Tagging a goal in a task

When you've created a task that is related to one of the goals you've set, you can link it to a goal, by writing, '#' followed by the name of the goal, after the task.

*Check-in tasks tagged with a specific goal will be displayed under the associated tasks of the same related goal.

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