In order to make it easier for individuals and teams to be transparent about their work, Complish integrates with a number of the tools you're already using - thus making it easier to tame the chaos of teams using multiple tools to get things done.

Connecting your other tools with Complish gives you a single place to plan your day by simply dragging meetings from your calendar or tasks from your other project management apps. When you add a check-in that includes items from your connected tools, your teammates will be able to click directly to view the calendar event, Trello card, or project management task that you've added - making it easy to share your plan with greater context and fidelity.

To connect an app: From the "Tasks and Activities" side panel, click the "Connect your tools" tab and select the app you would like to connect.


For more detail on connecting each tool, check out the Integrations section of our help center.

Once connected, simply drag or click the "Add to today's list" button on each task you plan on working on. You can also search or filter tasks to more easily find what you're looking for.

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