Complish makes it simple to view the tasks you're currently working on, as well as which ones you've shelved for later.

What can I do with tasks?

Updating the status of tasks from a previous check-in

During check-ins prompts each user to update the status of the tasks they planned to work on from their previous check-in. Simply choose ✅ if the task is complete, ✍️ if some progress was made but it's not quite done, or ⏳ if the task was not started.

The simple act of prompting everyone in your team to update the status of their planned tasks is a simple and lightweight way to create accountability and ensure tasks are not simply forgotten.


Tag a goal

Tagging a goal in a task is a quick way to associate a smaller work item with a larger goal or objective. simply type # to show the goal suggestion popout and choose the goal you'd like to associate. Encouraging your team to have their tasks tagged with goals is a great way to ensure that everyone is always working on something important - tasks that will contribute to a larger team objective.

Add a link

Adding links in your tasks is a great way to add context and allow your teammates quick access to see what you're working on. Complish also integrates with a number of tools, but you can also link a block of text to any url:


Making a task "Private"

Many people use Complish to record personal tasks that they might not want visible to their team. For any task you don't want shared with your team, simply click the lock icon and it will remain private only to you.


Add a due date

Quickly set a due date for one of your tasks by clicking the calendar icon in your task toolbar. We're working on improving notifications for due tasks, but you will have a visual indicator of the due date and overdue task dates will be highlighted in red.


Flag as blocked

Working on a task, but not able to proceed? Simply select the flag icon for that task to notify your team that the task is blocked. This will also get pushed to Slack or Teams alongside the text "Blocked" so it's clear that you're not able to proceed on this one.

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