Within a Complish discussion, tasks can now be assigned to a specific user. An assigned task is any task that has been created and @mentions a user. These tasks are typically smaller, independent ones such as, check project status with the design team 🎨, set a date for the annual conference 📅, or, order Friday's group lunch 🍲.

When to Use Assigned Tasks & Why 🤔

Whether you're using a Complish discussion to record meeting minutes or to discuss a particular topic, assigned tasks can be used to keep track of important 'To Do's'.

Record action items from your meetings

Assigned tasks in a discussion act like the action items in a meeting. Although, rather than left to be forgotten in your meeting minutes, you can assign a user to a task so it doesn't get missed.

Create accountability within an async discussion

Tasks can easily be viewed and even added to your daily check-in, thus creating a way for you to not only keep track of your tasks but hold you accountable so you actually get them done!

Grouping tasks in a discussion

Tasks within a discussion can be grouped according to the assignee. To view the tasks assigned to you in a discussion, click on 'Tasks' & select "Group by assignee" from the dropdown options.


Assigning a task to a user

To assign a task, first, create the task, and either add the @mention to select the user you want to assign the task to or, click on the 'person' icon. You can even add more context to the task, marking it as flagged 🏳️, tagging a goal (#), or adding a due date to the task 🗓️.


Note: You can only assign one user per task. If you assign the tasks to the wrong user, simply @mention the right user and it will replace the previous @mention with the new one.

Where can I see my assigned tasks?

Apart from the discussion where you were assigned a task, you can also view your assigned tasks in the 'Tasks and Activities' panel.


Linking your assigned tasks to your daily check-in

Pulling in tasks to your daily check-in is simple! On the check-in screen, select the tasks you want to include that day and click the arrow to add, or drag them directly into your check-in just as you would pull in a calendar event.


Marking assigned tasks as completed

If you've added an assigned task to your Complish check-in and mark it as completed ✅, it will also be reflected as completed ✅ in the discussion where you were originally assigned the task.

From within a Complish discussion, tasks can be checked off as completed as well.

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