Starting a Complish Discussion

Whether you want to communicate with your team asynchronously or prepare a meeting agenda prior to jumping on a call, the first step is to start a discussion around the topic/event.

What is a discussion

A Complish discussion is an asynchronous shared collaboration document. This shared discussion doc, allows your team to jump in on a set conversation, in their own time. Discussions can remain async or be linked to synchronous meetings via our Google Calendar and Microsoft Teams integration. They can be created from a blank discussion document, within Complish, or templates can be used as a starting base.

How to start a discussion

There are a few ways to start a discussion, depending on whether you are starting a completely new discussion, or adding to an existing one.👇

Create a new discussion

On the main screen, you can select 'discussion' from the left-hand side panel. Once inside the discussions section, you'll see the option to start a 'new discussion', which you can either do by selecting a blank note or using a template to get started.

Next, fill in the details!

1) Title your discussion - ie. 1-1 meeting, setting monthly objectives, Q1 review, etc.

2) Add followers - add the followers you think should be included in this discussion.

3) Set as public or private - decide whether the discussion can be viewed by anyone by marking it public or private.

4) Attach a calendar event - If your discussion is linked to a meeting, either async or sync, you can link it to your discussion.

Add to an existing discussion

If a discussion has already been started you can either add text to the existing discussion to participate in the conversation or add a new note. Just as you would if you were creating a new discussion, you can choose to either use a blank note or a template.

Why use Discussions

Documentation is the simple yet secret sauce to achieving success with async collaboration. Whether you need to take meeting minutes for a synchronous meeting or run your meeting asynchronously, you'll need a place to document everything.

You can use a discussion to document anything and everything you need to essentially, 'discuss' with your team.

Need to hash out a new marketing plan?... Create a discussion

How about review your Q2 objectives?... Create a discussion

Why not, discuss where the company retreat should be?... Yep, you guessed it! Create a discussion around it.

Besides all of the above, discussion docs can be created for meeting agendas and used to record meeting minutes.

Give your discussion an identity

That's right, name your discussion. There are no rules, so call it whatever you'd like. Just remember to make sure the name is easily understandable so it can be found quickly when searching among the other discussions. If you're not sure what to call your discussion, check out the templates for some ideas of names, and the types of discussions you can hold.

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