Aligning your remote team with discussions is key to keeping everyone in sync. Weekly updates, status reports, project proposals, and 1-1s are just a few of the types of discussions you're likely to hold asynchronously. And, since you'll be having these 'discussions' quite frequently, why not save time and use a discussion template as your starting base.

In this article, we'll cover the main discussion templates you can find in Complish, when they can be used, and how to apply them.

Using Discussion Templates

Discussion templates are simple to apply, but first, it's important to know which templates you have available. All of the templates listed can be used to start a discussion, and are not exclusive to a specific use case. With that said, below, you'll see the different types of Complish discussion templates and when they are best used.

If you are starting a Complish discussion as an individual, these templates will apply to you more often:

  • Ask a question

  • Share an update

  • Share a proposal

For the managers out there, these will be your go-to discussion templates:

  • 1-1 meeting

  • All hands

  • OKR/Goal Setting

  • Retrospective

Teams, whether they be product, operational, dev, or other, will likely use discussion templates that are aimed at creating more conversation around a topic. In this case, these will be your preferred templates:

  • Kick off a project

  • Weekly team update

  • Brainstorming

  • Make a decision

Applying a Discussion Template

There are two cases in which you can apply a discussion template.

1) When starting a new discussion 👇


2) When creating a new note from within an existing discussion 👇


Please note: You can't apply a template to an existing note. Meaning, once a note is created, a template cannot be added nor, can you modify the type of template you have added. If you selected a blank note or chose the wrong template, don't worry, you can easily delete the note within a discussion and create a new note again.

To delete the note - select '⋮' on the right side of the note and press delete. Make sure not to delete the discussion itself, only the note.


Choosing a template

1) Once you've selected the option to 'use a template' (as shown in the below image), a modal window will appear on the discussion; it will look similar to the one displayed in the second image.


2) You can view each template by clicking on it, from the panel on the left.

3) When you've decided which template you'd like to use, select 'Use template'.

4) You're all set! You can start writing directly in the new note!

Is there a template you would like to see added? See existing requests or add your idea here.

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