The main aim of a Complish discussion is to help you have 'fewer, better meetings', whether they be asynchronous, or you plan to run them synchronously. With either of these types of meetings, having a meeting agenda and keeping meeting notes, is indispensable to running an effective meeting.

Using Complish discussions to run your meetings

With a Complish discussion, you can run any one of your asynchronous meetings from directly within a discussion using a blank note to start, or a meeting template. Or, you can use discussions to write your meeting agenda or take notes to accompany a synchronous meeting.

1) Using Discussions for Asynchronous Meetings

Anytime you want to discuss something without a call, Complish discussions can be used. Some examples of types of async meetings you may want to have with discussions include: presenting a proposal or brainstorming with your team. An asynchronous discussion can be used in two main ways.

  • As a collaborative workspace to discuss a specific topic.

  • To act as a meeting agenda, on which you can invite users and encourage them to add their discussion points to the 'meeting agenda'. Once everyone has contributed their discussion points, let the discussion begin.

2) Using Discussions for Synchronous Meetings

The best way to have 'fewer, better meetings' is to prepare well for them. If you have a synchronous meeting in your calendar, link it to a discussion!

Complish's discussion feature can then be used both as your meeting agenda and/or your meeting minutes. When creating a new discussion, or note within a discussion, you have the option to create a discussion from a blank note or work off a pre-determined template.

Ready to create a new discussion using a blank note or template?

Creating meeting minutes in Complish

Once you've created a discussion doc, you can go ahead and start writing your meeting minutes directly in the document.

Within a Complish discussion, you can add headings, tasks, create numbered and bullet-point lists, add attachments and links, and much more. To add a new element, simply click on the '+' and select the element you'd like to add.


If you want to get rolling right away, here's how to start a discussion.

Managing meeting notes & agendas

There is no limit to the number of discussion notes you can create; for this reason, you'll want to know how to manage your meeting notes and agendas so you can easily sort through them and find what you're looking for.

Here are a few ways to keep track of your meeting notes & agendas in Complish.

Star important discussions - Starred discussions appear above all your other discussions.


👉 Follow a discussion - Discussions you follow appear under a separate tab.


🔍 Sort your discussions - Not sure where to find what you're looking for? You can search for a discussion by viewing the most recently created, upcoming, or, by its name.

*Note: An upcoming discussion is one that has a date associated with it and is to take place at some point in the future.


It's time to create your first async meeting discussion now 😃

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