A calendar doesn't do much good if it's not synced with your other tools or devices. Whether you use Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar, connecting them to Complish is simple. Once connected, you can add your calendar events to your Complish check-ins and, even link them to your asynchronous discussions.

Why connect my Calendar?

  • View your meetings and calendar events in context when planning your day

  • Communicate your daily plan with your team by dragging your meetings into your daily checkin

  • Create discussions around your calendar events and link them together

Connecting your calendar

Connect your Google or Outlook calendar directly in the "Tasks and Activities" side panel.

1) Login with your Google or Microsoft account

2) Accept the permissions

3) You're all set!

Now it's time to link a discussion to your event.

Linking a discussion to a calendar event

To link a calendar event to a discussion, you first need to select the discussion you want to link, or, create a new discussion.

1) Once in the discussion, simply select 'Schedule' to view the options available.

  • In this case, you're wanting to link a discussion to a calendar event.

2) Choose the calendar event you want to link by clicking on it and selecting 'Link Event'.


3) After you've linked your calendar event, the meeting will appear as a link at the top of the discussion.

  • If you've added a zoom link on your calendar, it will also appear here.


Note: The discussion will update the event title and description

Invite others in your meeting to the discussion

Anyone who is already in your workspace can easily be added to a discussion by clicking on 'followers', then ' + Add followers', and selecting the user you would like to add.


If you are wanting to invite others, who are not in your Complish workspace, currently, there are two ways you can do this so they have access to the shared discussion.

  1. With an 'invite by email'

  2. 'Share a link' with them

*Both of these options can be accessed by clicking on the + icon appearing above your profile picture.


Note: If you add someone as shown above, they will have access to everything else in the workspace.

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