Not all meetings need to be held synchronously. In the case in which you are sharing progress status', capturing updates, or discussing topics without an actual calendar event associated, this is the perfect time to hold an asynchronous meeting.

Async meetings happen when it suits the participants. Scheduling them in Complish simply adds an alert to prompt people to contribute to them by a certain date or on a particular cadence (ie. weekly) so that they aren't forgotten about.

Any meeting you would typically have synchronously such as a weekly team meeting can be held in Complish. Every discussion note created for your 'meeting' acts like your meeting minutes, offering an update and overview of each meeting (ie. Weekly Wed Update - May 26th).

What do asynchronous meetings look like in Complish?

An asynchronous meeting in Complish starts with a discussion document, which you can create from a blank note or one of our pre-determined templates. Essentially, discussions are shared collaborative documents within Complish, which you can invite users into and set a schedule so that those invited know by when they must provide their input.

Any type of meeting you would normally hold in person can easily run asynchronously in a Complish discussion. There are times when more discussion is required around a certain topic, and when this is the case, an asynchronous meeting will likely take place.

Benefits of using Complish for your asynchronous meetings

  • Your team can contribute to the meeting discussion in their own time

  • Async conversations in Complish provide a space for more thoughtful discussions

  • Improved visibility and transparency

  • Allows you to share your daily tasks as they relate to larger goals and objectives within the company

Scheduling an asynchronous meeting in Complish

If you plan to hold a meeting asynchronously, as the organizer, it's a good idea to first create a meeting agenda. Once you do this, schedule your meetings so that invited users have an indication of when they are required to review or respond to the meeting document.

To schedule an asynchronous meeting:

1) Click 'Schedule' from the toolbar at the top of your discussion, to open up your scheduling options.


2) For asynchronous meetings, you can either schedule your discussion to coincide with a calendar event or select 'Asynchronous discussion' to have the discussion that is not linked to any event.


Note: With an asynchronous discussion, you can select a date and recurrence, or choose not to set a date. If a date is chosen, followers of the discussion will be notified and reminded to contribute to the discussion before the set date. If no date is set, followers can contribute in their own time.

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