We tend to document what takes place in a meeting when there are multiple people involved, but yet, in a 1-1 meeting or a private discussion, often, not a lot of importance is placed on documentation. With only two people in a meeting, how can we forget what was discussed or needs to be acted on, right?


One of the typical mistakes made with 1-1 meetings, is the lack of documentation and follow-up. With only two people in the meeting, you tend to have plenty of time to cover a lot, and/or deep dive into a particular topic, but for most 1-1 meetings, little attention is placed on recording your discussion or creating action items to be followed up on after.

Why run your 1-1's with Complish?

For a meeting to be effective, there needs to be clear documentation. If you are already using Complish for your daily check-ins, running your meetings in the same space, only makes sense. Plus, since you can create tasks in a Complish meeting discussion, you can link these to your daily check-in, thus providing more follow-up and accountability.

Using Complish Discussions for your 1-1 meetings

If you'd like to keep the contents of your 1-1 meeting private, you'll need to change the privacy settings on the document itself - from public to private. As private, only the authorized followers of the discussion will have access to view and edit the document.

Changing privacy setting

1) On the far right side of your discussion, you can see whether your discussion is public or private. In this case below, we are looking at a public discussion. Clicking on 'public discussion' will open up a privacy settings box.


2) Select 'Private', then '+ Add followers' to choose the user(s) you would like to add to the private discussion. Only the invited users can contribute to a discussion.


Note: By default, when creating a new discussion, the document will appear as public. Therefore, prior to adding any private information, mark the discussion as private.

Tasks in a private discussion

If you assign a task to yourself from within a private discussion you can view the task and add it to your daily check-in, from the 'Tasks & Activities' Panel. However, if you assign a task to a user who is not part of the private discussion, although they will see the task in their own 'Tasks & Activities' Panel, they will not have access to the related discussion, unless you add them to it.


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