A discussion document doesn't do much good if you don't have followers joining in on the conversation. Following a discussion allows you to keep up with what everyone is talking about, whether it be a discussion around a particular topic, or a discussion centered around a meeting.

Why follow a discussion?

There are many reasons why you would want to follow a discussion. The main one is, as a follower of an asynchronous discussion, you're sent notifications to review the discussion according to the schedule of the discussion itself - meaning, no more FOMO!

Also, followers of a discussion, can add other followers, update the schedule, archive a discussion, or change the title.

How to follow a discussion

In Complish, when a discussion is listed as public, anyone in your workspace can see it and start following it. If listed as private, you won't be able to see the discussion unless you have the direct link, and have been invited to view the discussion, by someone who is already following the discussion.

Follow a public discussion

Following a public discussion is simple - no need to request permission to enter either! The easiest of the two ways to follow a discussion is from the main discussion dashboard. 👇

1) From the main toolbar, select the option to view all discussions

2) Find the discussion you want to follow, by scrolling and looking for it, or, typing its name into the search

3) Once you've found the correct discussion, hover over it until you see the option to ✰ (star) or 👤 (follow) the discussion

4) Click follow and that's it 🙂


We mentioned there were two ways to follow a discussion, the second is from within a discussion.

1) Once inside a discussion, click on 'followers' on the right-hand side of the screen; a box will appear, allowing you to add followers.

2) Click, 'Add followers' to reveal a drop-down menu of people in your workspace. You can also search directly for users by entering their names or email.

Note: Only users in your workplace can be added to a discussion in this way.

3) Add yourself as a follower and that's it! You can also add other followers to this discussion.


Follow a private discussion

To follow a private discussion, you must request access from the owner of the discussion, or, from another follower of the discussion.

There is one exception to the above, and that is when you have a Complish discussion linked to a calendar event. When the other attendees of the calendar event have Complish accounts, they are automatically invited and will have access to the discussion.

Who can see my discussion?

If you are the creator of the discussion, you can set it to private or public. If private, only those followers you invite to the discussion can view and/or make changes to the discussion.

If your discussion is listed as public, anyone in your workspace can view the discussion. Additionally, if you have shared a public link with anyone who is not following the discussion, they will have access to the discussion (even if they're not a Complish user). The link will provide read-only access with the user needing to sign-up to access the discussion.

*Remember: The discussion is accessible to the selected people who are either existing workspace members or other internal or external individuals. They do not need a Complish account at the point they are added but will need to sign-up before accessing the Discussion. The Discussion owner is automatically added here and cannot be removed.

Leaving a discussion

Not interested in hanging around for any more of the discussion? No problem, all you have to do is unfollow. You can unfollow a discussion in the exact same way you joined it, either from within the discussion itself or from the main discussions page.

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