A Complish discussion is a collaborative document where you can jump in on a conversation, discuss goals & objectives, brainstorm, run your meetings, and loads more. If you're in on the discussion, it's likely that you'll need to contribute in one way or another.

Let's look at how to edit a discussion note, what formatting options are available, how to add images/links/files, and where you can leave comments.

How to edit a discussion

Whether you're the owner of the discussion or just a follower of it, you have permission to edit the contents of a discussion note. To get going, dive right in and start making changes.

To edit copy 👇

1) Highlight the copy you want to edit to reveal your formatting options.


2) You can bold, italics, underline, or cross out copy. Additionally, when you highlight a portion of copy, you can also change the section to an inline code < >, add a link 🔗, or attach a comment 💬.

3) To change the type of content block your copy is in, hover over the line you'd like to change until you see the '⋮⋮' icon.

In the below example, we want to change the heading 'To Discuss' to an H1 (Heading

1). To do so, we hovered over the line, to reveal the '⋮⋮' icon, and then selected, 'Turn into', and picked H1.


Note: If you are creating a new content block, you'll also have the option to insert an image or a file. More on that a bit later. 🙂

If you don't see an option you need, let us know by adding a request! We're always making improvements and additions and are happy to hear your feedback and input on the product!

What else can I edit in a discussion?

Besides copy edits, there's plenty more you can have fun playing around with in a discussion.

  • Comments - edit a comment, by selecting the '✏️'

  • Links - clicking on any part of the link brings up the option to 'Edit' or 'Remove' the link.

  • Images - It's easy to add an image or file. Just follow the steps below:

1) Hover over the place where you'd like to insert an image or file until you see the '+' icon. Click on it to reveal the drop-down menu.

  • 2) Select 🔗 'Insert image/file'. You'll see a box appear, where you can add your files.

  • 3) Drop your files directly in or click to select and upload. When you start uploading files, you'll see something similar to the image below.

  • Note: To delete an attachment, simply hover over it to reveal an 'x' and click on it to delete.

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