If you're operating asynchronously, written communication is likely your default, and proper documentation is key!

Keeping a paper trail of everything that's been discussed helps improve visibility and transparency, and strengthens team connectivity. But, do we really need to have every discussion that's ever been had, front and center? Definitely not!

Why archive a discussion?

Archiving past discussions is not only necessary to better sort between old and new discussions. Some other, more important reasons why you would want to archive a discussion are to keep your discussion notes orderly and easy to navigate through. Successfully working async has a lot do to with how well you limit distractions. And, you're going to want to archive discussions that don't need your attention any time soon to help you limit any unnecessary distractions.

Here's a few examples of when you may want to archive a discussion:

  • In the case where you've discussed something, but don't plan on executing on it until much further down the line. Rather than leave the discussion note floating amongst your more pressing discussions, archive it for later.

  • Note: archived discussions can be easily found and unarchived. More on this in a bit.

  • Take for example a brainstorming session on a new logo design. Once the brainstorming is completed, everyone has contributed, and a new logo is decided on, it's probably time to archive your discussion.

How to archive discussions

To archive a discussion, all you need to do is click on the '⋮' icon on the tab that appears above the discussion. Then, select 'archive discussion' and that's it!

Note: If you happen to archive a discussion in error, don't worry, right after you click archive, you have the option to unarchive immediately (as shown below).

Where can I find my archived discussions?

Archived discussions don't appear on the main discussion screen, but can be found via search or viewed by the creator of the discussion directly using their URL.

Find an archived discussion in search 👇

1) Select 'All', then click on the 🔍 to open the search

2) √ the box to include archived discussions and type in the discussion title to search for the discussion in question.

Unarchiving a discussion

Once you've found your discussion in the search simply click unarchive and you'll have full access to it again.

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