Slack is a workspace-level integration which enables you to push your team's check-ins to a Slack channel. Once connected, Complish can send reminders and alerts to the Slack channel you choose for your team. You only need to connect Slack once for all users in your workspace to be able to use the integration.

Connecting Slack

As with any integration, you'll need to have permission to authorize external apps for your Slack workspace. From the Team settings screen you can connect Slack and choose the channel you'd like to receive check-ins and notifications:


Don't have permission for your Slack workspace

Connecting Complish with Slack requires permission to authorize external apps in your Slack workspace. If you don't have permission you can share a link with your Slack admin so they can easily approve the connection. If they're not convinced whether they should connect Slack or not, send them over to our integrations page so they can learn more about the benefits!


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