If you're already using Clubhouse then you know how beneficial it is as a collaborative project management tool. With the this integration, you can see your Clubhouse stories inside the Complish app.

Why connect your Clubhouse account?

By connecting your Clubhouse account you'll be able to see stories you're working on now or upcoming, so you can easily share what you're working on with your team. Simply drag or click to add a Clubhouse story into your daily plan. Your teammates will see the Clubhouse story you're working on and can click directly to open the item in Clubhouse.

Connecting Clubhouse

The Clubhouse integration is a workspace level integration, meaning it only needs to be enabled once for all users in the Complish workspace. Complish will use each user's email address to match their Clubhouse account. Where the app cannot find a match based on email address, you'll simply need to add your Clubhouse mention name(once Clubhouse has already been connected).

1. Create a Clubhouse API token. Follow the instructions here to create a Clubhouse API token.

2. Click to connect Clubhouse inside your Complish settings screen, or from the "Tasks and Activities panel.


3. Enter your API token


4. If Complish is not able to match your Clubhouse user account, you may need to enter your Clubhouse mention name. You can enter this from the settings screen:


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