🔒 Private tasks

Previously every task you added in your Complish check-in was visible by everyone in your team. Now you can mark tasks as "private", so they're visible only to you. Private tasks allow you to use Complish for those personal things you need to get done today as well as the important work stuff.


📅 Task due dates

Now you can quickly set a due date for one of your tasks by clicking the calendar icon in your task toolbar. We're working on improving notifications for due tasks, but you will have a visual indicator of the due date and overdue task dates will be highlighted in red.


🔗 Insert links to add context to your tasks

Now you can link from your task to an external document, Figma design or whatever else you're working on. Adding a link in your check-in task is a great way to give more context, so your teammates can click directly from your task to see what you're working on.

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