Setting your browser and desktop notifications

Customizing your browser and desktop notifications is one of the first orders of business you will want to take care of when setting up your account. Complish allows you the option to enable notifications in the browser you are currently using. Simply choose 'Allow', when the notifications pop up appears, to start receiving daily notification reminders about your check-in. If you are someone who needs that little nudge as a reminder, then it is a good idea to enable your browser notifications.

* Notification settings can be changed and customised at any time.

Enable notifications for your existing Complish account

If you do not currently have browser notifications enabled and would like to change that, no problem, we can walk you through the process. Depending of your browser type, the steps for enabling notifications may vary.

Google Chrome

1. On the top right-hand corner of your Chrome browser, there will be the option to view a drop down menu. Once you can see the Chrome browser options, head over to 'Settings'.

2. Under 'Privacy and security,' find the area titled 'Site settings' & select, 'view permissions and data stored across all sites'. From the list of sites, choose Complish, and then edit your permissions by selecting the ▶.

As you are enabling notifications for the first time time, you will need to follow this process first. However, in the case you want to disable or edit notifications that are already set up, rather than selecting 'view permissions and data stored across all sites' in step #2, you will head over to 'Permissions', select 'Notifications', and from there, find and edit Complish notifications.

It sounds like there are plenty of steps, but don't worry, notifications take less than a few minutes to update.

For more detail on how turn on and off notifications on your Chrome browser click here.

MS Edge

1. Open Microsoft Edge and click on the option to view more from the menu.

2. Select 'Settings' and choose 'View advanced settings'.

3. Next, you will need to navigate to 'Manage' under the 'Notifications'.

4. By selecting the website name, in the list of notifications, you can choose to turn on your notifications.

For more detail on how turn on and off notifications on your MS Edge browser click here.


Editing your notifications in Firefox is relatively simple in comparison to other browsers. All you need to do is select the 'Menu' button, then 'Preferences' and head over to the 'Privacy & Security' panel.

To update your notification preferences, click on Permissions and uncheck the box next to Block pop-up windows to disable the pop-up blocker altogether.

💡 If you want to allow pop-ups only for Complish, under the Permissions section, you check the box next to Block pop-up windows to enable the pop-up blocker. When clicking on Exceptions, a dialog box will open with a list of sites you can choose from to allow display pop-ups. When you put in the Complish URL click Allow, and Complish will be added to your exceptions list.

For more detail on how turn on and off notifications on your Mozilla Firefox browser click here or find out how you can set web push notifications in Firefox.


Unfortunately, Safari does not support browser notification and desktop pop-up.

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