Editing Goals

Moving goals and marking them as complete.

Moving and deleting Goals

Want to have a different order of Goals? Or delete one after all? No problem. In your overview of your Goals click the three dots next to the goal you would like to edit.

A window will appear where you can choose from the following options:

  1. Move up - your Goal will move one place up. If you want it to be on the top, you will have to this until it appears on the top of the list.

  2. Move down - the same just it will appear one place below. Do this until you have placed it in the right spot.

  3. Delete - If you choose to delete your goal it will be deleted permanently!

πŸ’‘TIP: There is no need to delete your goal once you have completed it. In order to be able to record and view completed goals we made it simple for you to just mark them as complete.

Goal Status βœ…

Easily communicate the status of a goal by clicking the status dropdown from the Goals screen,.

Use filters on the top-right to show or hide goals of a specific status

⚠️ If your goal has subgoals they will be marked as completed as well!